Hometown glory

Toronto is my home now and I love living here, but technically Ottawa is my hometown. I was just there for a weekend visiting friends and family, and had the chance to wander around a little.

Commemorating war animals, and a bear with fish on Sparks Street.

War Monument, and the weird double decker buses the public transit system is running now.

Commemorating Oscar Peterson.

It’s not the prettiest time of year in Ottawa (it’ll look nicer in a few weeks), and it feels really small-town to me now. I was happy to be back in Toronto Sunday night.

But I’ll always miss this:

Chipwagon poutine: so much better than anything Toronto can offer.

Speaking of hometowns, I’ve really felt for my sister’s city in the past week. I’ve been in Boston twice this year, and both times walked up and down Boylston where the explosions went off. My brother-in-law works near MIT and they were in lockdown in Cambridge. At least I knew my sister wasn’t out running the marathon (since she had back surgery 11 weeks ago), but they had friends who were watching from the sidelines who were thankfully all okay. Some seriously scary stuff.

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