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I kinda want to live at Club Monaco right now. I want to buy everything (well, almost everything), it’s like it’s Anthro back in 2010. I don’t know what it is about their current aesthetic that’s so appealing to me right now, but it’s working for me. Now if only I were as tall and thin as they think I should be.

I love the neutrals and the black and white stripes.

The Grace Knit Skirt is striped in the front and solid black in the back, and the Cory Solid Sweater is a great light top. Yes, it’s see-through, but I’m surprisingly fine with that (I will wear a cami).

Hello, shapeless blob Rachel! The sales staff very helpfully got be some “basics” to try on with the skirt. I don’t know on what planet the Rena Top is a basic, but it’s definitely not for me.

The Bailey Dress in white looks pretty nondescript online, a little more appealing on the hanger, and like a nightgown on me. A pretty white nightgown, but a nightgown nonetheless and not the little white beach dress it’s supposed to be. Also a little pricey at $229 for rayon (masquerading as silk).

One thing about these pics and the store (Bloor St, close to work) is that the grey curtains make a great backdrop and look really nice, but I hate them as dressing rooms. It’s way too easy to peek in on people changing (like I inadvertently did on the woman in the next “room”) and to expose yourself in your underwear (like I did when one sales associate rushing by in a hurry moved those curtains just enough).  After that, I asked for a clip to keep the curtains shut so I wouldn’t be flashing the world.

Mint and other pastel colours abound, along with sparkly accessories displayed in greenery…

Francis Print Pencil Skirt and Harper Dress

I tried the Francis Skirt (also seen here on Roxy) with the Cece Cashmere Tee at a different store (North Yonge, close to home), one with real walls and a real door I could shut and lock. The print on the skirt (the website calls the colour “Teal Fluttering Petals”) is gorgeous, but the SA had me wondering the length is too long for me. (Or maybe it’s because they like short short short skirts. Free alterations at Club Monaco though, that’s a bonus.) They seem to be pushing the cashmere tee hard (their selling point is that it’s cashmere at under $200 and that’s super amazing). My quibble is it’s see-through and I’m pretty sure it’ll pill really fast, so no thanks.

And finally the Lenora Dress (tried at yet another lunchtime visit to the Bloor store). Apparently based on the Louis Vuitton signature Monogram print (CM calls it “Star Foulard Print,” also available in a short), according to the SA. It’s polyester but it feels like expensive polyester (and expensive it is, at $250). Looks completely different on someone with boobs than it does on the model. If I hadn’t seen it on Roxy first, I would have passed it by. It really is a lovely dress, and I was really tempted to get it for a posh wedding I’m attending next month, but I stopped myself. Despite the flattering fit and the lovely spring-y colour, I don’t think I’ll get a lot of use out of it. The higher neckline (I always prefer V-necks) and the polyester are strikes against for me. So sadly, I’ll pass.

But it goes really well with my bag and my old Club Monaco scarf! I think I’ve had this scarf since 2006. When I love something from CM, I love it a long time.

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