Another first-world problem

Yesterday, Will and I upgraded from our iPhone 3GSes to iPhone 5s. So pretty! So light! (Also, good effort Apple in trying to improve the headphones, but still no match for the Bose MIE2i mobile headset.) I had my 3GS for three years so I plan to keep the 5 for as long, so I need to protect it. My dilemma is which case do I get?

Teal retro vintage camera // Colors 201 // London - Red Telephone Box // Polka Rain

I love all these fun designs. I’m leaning a little bit towards the London telephone box, but the Polka Rain is up my alley as well.

Or I could go with simple and practical in my favourite colour:

J.Crew leather in turquoise

If I could, I’d get all of them, but I can’t. It’s a decision that has the potential of keeping me up at night.

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