24 hours

I’ve had a strange and eventful 24 hours:

  • I had a lovely dinner with a friend last night at Tabule, a middle Eastern restaurant that is now serving gluten-free flatbread (fantastic!).
  • 20 minutes later, I was hit with an allergic reaction or food poisoning or a stomach bug hit me and I had to throw up in a Starbucks bathroom. (I’m thinking stomach bug because I’m not feeling right today.)
  • Right after that, I had a peppermint tea and decided I felt fine, so we continued walking downtown towards our destination (karaoke), but before we got there we encountered an escape-artist 60-lb Basset Hound running across Yonge St in Rosedale.
  • It took both of us to wrestle him down to read his tags (Bassets are so stubborn!), and he was so determined that I couldn’t hold him down. I had to let go and spent the next ten minutes running after him yelling “No doggie, don’t go into the street again!” (At least Bassets don’t run very fast.) We couldn’t even tempt him with homemade cranberry almond biscotti. What kind of dog was he? My parents’ Basset would have been all over it.
  • One of the tags had his address, which was right nearby, so we took him back to his rich hipster doofus owner who seemed really annoyed and put out that we were bothering him (dude, your dog ran away and almost got run over, show a little more gratitude).
  • After that, we went to karaoke as planned where I murdered “Set Fire to the Rain” (apparently throwing up did a number on my karaoke-ing ability), but did a fine job with “Do They Know It’s Christmas.”
  • I got home pretty early (before midnight) and found Will suffering from the same stomach bug.
  • I slept badly, but I woke up feeling ok so I went to check out the 30% off sweater sale at Anthro. Didn’t buy anything, but took a lot of pictures. That’s probably the least strange thing that happened in the past 24 hours.




So many pretty party dresses, and the only thing I try on is a striped T-shirt, which I didn’t buy anyway. But I have no holiday parties to go to. If I did, I would totally buy that fur-collared cardigantulle dress, and metallic tulle skirt.

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