Throw your arms around the world at Christmastime

It’s not Christmas without a little Band Aid.

This year, Christmas for me meant two tiny trees with just lights (because I never got around to putting up the little baubles):


And it also meant indulging and hanging out with dogs.

Chocolate truffle towers at Stubbe // a friendly Basset hound on the street // I love stores with dogs // Skor gelato // salted caramel ice cream // white chocolate cranberry ginger cookies // David Leite’s 36-hour chocolate chip cookies, done gluten-free // Abby the Basset begging for food // Christmas lunch (roast goose, homemade sweet potato fries, Brussels sprouts) 

Now I feel a little ill from all the indulging, but I’m heading out to Scarborough for leftover brisket with my friend’s family (her Chinese family did their own spin on the old tradition with Jewish food on Christmas day), even if I could probably stand to go vegetarian for a day. I got some lovely presents and I think I’m sitting out Boxing Day this year, but I hope there are plenty of deals out there for those who aren’t.

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