December in pictures

December has definitely been a month of pictures. I blame iPhone 5. Also, I’m photo-happy.

in the window at Gap Kids // in the window at Holt Renfrew// snowman window display // puppy book // Basset hound puppies // Mr. Men books in Icelandic // Lucy the shy Vizsla // my friend’s two-year-old under an umbrella and wearing a tea towel // my feet at work

disco ball at karaoke // bubble necklaces // my friend’s two-year-old in a Santa hat // the CN tower in Christmas colours // candy cane CN tower // my feet in Miz Mooz boots at work // upward facing frog statue // the frog’s muscle definition is a little alarming // reindeer sugar cookie

it’s not Christmas without Charlie Brown // mini replica of Charlie' Brown’s tree // snow in Toronto – wut?? // goat’s cheese and dark chocolate truffles from Nadège, unfortunately not that great // snowy barrels at the Distillery District // intense single-shot hot chocolate from Soma // Priest Burger from Burger’s Priest (cheeseburger with a deep-fried breaded portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese) // Les Misérables the movie for the second time (and not the last time)** // Soma gingerbread toffee which I had for dinner last night

(**I’m an unapologetic musical theatre fan, at one point 15 years ago I was taking singing lessons and considering the musical theatre degree at the University of Windsor (obviously didn’t happen and I’ve moved on, but sometimes I wonder, what if?) Les Misérables is my favourite. I’ve seen it probably about 10 times, in New York, London, Toronto. I’ve seen the original Éponine at the Palace Theatre in London in 1996, the original Jean Valjean on stage in Toronto, the original French Valjean in the Broadway 10th Anniversary cast, and I saw Samantha Barks in London two years ago (she’s also amazing here in the 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2). I love the movie, despite Russell Crowe’s singing. I’m also laughing at the film critics who complain about it being totally overwrought, over-emotional, over-the-top, and emotionally manipulative, cuz dude, have you seen the stage show? That’s what it’s supposed to be.)

There aren’t enough days left in 2012 and still so much to recap! I’ll be back later today with my favourite outfits of 2012.

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