November in pictures

November is kinda a dreary month (didn’t help that I had a cold for two weeks), so it’s good that it flew by. As time tends to do on me.

the books I read while I was sick: My Berlin Kitchen // Maman's Homesick Pie // Paris in Love // I carried a box of Kleenex around for three weeks // pomegranates, my favourite fruit // Remembrance Day cupcakes // Movember cupcakes // Santa’s been imbibing too much // workday fruit

my nephew // J.Crew socks // my nephew in his Spiderman costume // Wait? what’s that? // sleeping nephew // Abby the Basset Hound // cold walk // November roses // happy snowman

Bring on December, I'm ready! I want the snow (but only the pretty, fluffy snow please), the holiday baking (I'm sugar-free and gluten-free until the weekend before Christmas, when all bets are off), and the general good Christmas cheer. I've been in the Christmas spirit thanks to Cee Lo Green and the Muppets:

Also, it's only 25 days until the Les Miserables movie comes out:

I was a musical theatre geek about 15 years ago and I cannot wait to see this. I will be there on Christmas Day.

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