To my sister's home for the holidays

Nothing clothes-related today, but just a quick post to note that I have been a rather sporadic blogger lately, and my New Year's Resolution #1 is to be a more consistent blogger in 2012.

I'm currently sitting in the lounge at Billy Bishop Airport waiting for my flight to Boston to spend Christmas with my sister and her husband. The flight has been delayed due to foggy conditions in both cities, but it just means I've been able to take advantage of the "executive" lounge with free wifi, almonds, cookies, tea, and coffee. All air travel should be this civilized.
That stem belongs to the CN Tower; it's so foggy downtown that the top of it has disappeared. Not exactly the white Christmas you'd hope for, but tomorrow is going to be gorgeous in Cambridge so I'm going to be spending as much time outside as possible.
I'll likely be MIA until I come back to Toronto next week, so wishing everyone a very safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.

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