When I’m feeling off…

…I go to Anthropologie and try on pretty dresses.  Unfortunately, it also makes me want to buy them.

Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress by Nathalie Lété.  I love this dress.  I just need someone to get married so I can have somewhere to wear it.  Too boobalicious for everyday!  The other strike against it is that it’s a halter top, and I hate halters, I always feel like I’m being choked.

Marine Mural dress by Nathalie Lété.  Also love, and much more day-appropriate.  It has an octopus on it!  I’m quite taken with Paul the Psychic Octopus, so I would definitely wear a dress with a cephalopod on it.  I also feel like I should turn to psychic seafood for all my major life decisions, but that’s another story altogether.

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