Sunday morning

I love going out for a walk in my neighbourhood early in the morning before anyone is awake. 

I also love that the stores are still closed, because I can only window-shop, and that’s for the best. 

Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy what I see though.

Club Monaco:

Those dresses look really really cute.

Cute for the men too, but I’d never get Will to wear any of that.

There’s some weird, slightly child-pornographic art out there:

Why do people think that putting “European” in front of something makes it better?

That’s some ugly European fashion.

Cute workout wear at lululemon:

Most bizarre use of pantyhose at Mendocino:

Very artistic at Kaliyana Artwear, but I have no idea who would wear this:

And finally, Tzatz.  I don’t care how cheap and cheerful their tzale is, those are ugly patterns.

My neighbourhood contains a lot of temptation, despite the fugly.  I’m thinking I should move.

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