Feeling the Parisian love.

I really love all of the Anthropologie dresses designed in collaboration with Parisian artist Nathalie Lété.  Wearable art!  Fantastic.

Left: Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress
Right: Marine Mural Dress

Already tried both of these on, as posted here.

Left: Pigment & Canvas Dress
Right: First Dance Dress

I’ve yet to try the First Dance Dress, but I tried on the Pigment & Canvas Dress today, and alas, it did not fit.
Too tight on my hips.  Boo-urns. 

But the print is so pretty!

Maybe it’s because I’m going to Paris in October (for the first time! Yay!) that I’m feeling all this Parisian love.


  1. Congratulations on going to Paris! I wonder how the First Dance Dress would look on you? It would probably look fantastic, that's what.

  2. Will and I are going to Dublin, London, and Paris in October, I'm so excited! It'll mean some saving though. :) The First Dance Dress is my least favourite out of the lot, so I think I'll take a pass on it.


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