Ok, so I’m not Spanish, but I’m Filipina with a Spanish last name, so there has to be some Spanish in me somewhere.

My boyfriend is a huge footie fan, but my interest lies in how hot the players are. My friend and I were cheering for Spain based on hotness alone (Carlos Puyol and Sergio Ramos aside), but the important thing (at least to Will) is that I’m watching football.

As evidence of how smoking hot the Spaniards are, I give you:

Cesc Fabregas

Xabi Alonso

David Villa

Fernando Torres

Jesus Navas

Eye candy prevails!


  1. Well, I guess there must've been a reason Spanish DNA spread all over the globe...

    Hey I'm part Filipina too with a Spanish last name - small world. It drives me crazy marking race on surveys. You?

    Especially irksome is when people label me Hipspanic (1/32nd European Spanish here) - but laugh when I say if that, then I'm also Caucasian (1/8 French from a great-grandfather). Usually I give up and just say I'm Asian/Pacific Islander...if it's on there. Woe when there is only one choice!

  2. It used to bother me about the race question--I'm 3/4 Filipina, 1/4 Chinese, but I was born in Canada and let's face it, I'm pretty white. but now I just check Asian and get on with it. My boyfriend is the immigrant of the two of us...he's white but he was born in England.


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