Designer product placement

Spent part of yesterday catching up on Gossip Girl.  Unfortunately, as much as I like Blair’s wardrobe, I’m getting really bored of this show.  Nate and Serena?  Don’t care.  Dan and Vanessa?  Don’t care.  Jenny and her problems?  Don’t care.  Chuck and Blair?  Don’t care.  Even this past week’s “shocking” episode…really don’t care.

However, I did care about the Matthew Williamson dress that Blair wore; I would love to own it:


Very clever product placement for the Matthew Williamson, because he wasn’t really on my radar before, and now I want to know more about him and his clothes.  (Unfortunately, I can’t afford $1,395 for a summer day dress.)  The episode was also alluded to in the windows of his store in NY Meatpacking District:


If Gossip Girl keeps up the fashion element like this, I’ll keep watching.  Otherwise, we’re probably through.

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  1. It's a shame that dress costs so much...because it would look really really good on you. :)


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