Aww, man…

If I were Superman, Anthropologie would be my kryptonite.  But I thought I’d be ok because after a phase of liking everything (well, not everything, but a lot), I didn’t want anything from the April catalogue.  Then I find two items on the website that I really want.

Maeve Height of Summer dress:

I’m not big on strapless, but the colour, the shape of the skirt, and the side pockets (I’m a sucker for pockets) is exactly what I’m looking for in a summer dress.  I’d just throw a little cardigan over this and I’d be set to go. 

C. Keer Torsade Tee

It’s a basic with a twist, in dark grey. 

I was this close to buying both.  But is it worth lapsing on my no-shop pledge until May 15?  I think I have to sleep on it.

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