Almost brought down by MAC

So I joined the 365 Fashion Rehab girls’ no-shop challenge last week, but actually I haven’t shopped for two weeks.  It’s been 14 days already, just as long as I lasted the first time I tried this!  Strangely, it’s so much easier this time.

But I nearly lapsed today because of MAC makeup.


It was a conscious near-lapse; at the beginning of the month I bought a few of their greasepaint sticks from the Art Supplies collection and I love them.  But damn you MAC, they’re limited edition, and I wish I’d bought more than one of the “Uniformly Blue” one. 

I stayed strong and resisted.  If they still have them on May 15, I might then.

I’ve loved MAC for years.  I’ve tried other high-end brands (Stila, Bobbi Brown, NARS), but I always go back to MAC.  One of my best friends in university loved makeup, and every now and then we used to go get makeovers just for fun.  I used to spend a lot of money on makeup and I used to experiment a lot, but now I pretty much have a routine, my staple products (now including those greasepaints), and it only takes me 5 minutes to put on my face in the morning before I go to work.

As always, I love the photos that go along with their collections.


Give Me Liberty of London:
I picked up the Birds & Berries eyeshadow from this collection and I love it. It’s teal and the packaging is adorable, I don’t need to say anything else.


I think I can be forgiven for a moment of weakness.

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  1. Yay for you for sticking to your guns and keeping up with your challenge.

    I wish I had learnt about that Liberty of London teal eyeshadow sooner. Sigh! Oh well!


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