It’s full-on fall now, after being spoiled with basically the summer we didn’t have in September. Jacket weather again. (But not parka weather. Come on. It’s not winter yet.)

And I’m wearing pants? What?

Soia & Kyo jacket (2007) // J.Crew lightweight merino sweater // J.Crew necklace // Gap ultra skinny ankle pants (got on sale for $35!) // Gap classic ballet flats in rose blush

I’ve been a staunch skirt/dress girl, but this year, I wanted something simpler. A sleeker, unfussy, uncluttered silhouette.

I’ve always been afraid of being boring (just a plain V-neck sweater and black pants?), but a big statement necklace will always save me from that. I’ll still wear skirts and dresses, it’s just nice to have another option once in a while.


  1. I love those skinny pants on you. Their sister company, Old Navy, sells my favorite skinny jeans called Rockstar. They are so inexpensive on sale. I want to pick up a few more pairs soon. I love your red shoes with the outfit. You look hot!


    1. Thanks Jenni! I'm going to have to change my profile now that I actually do own a pair of dress pants. :) It was about time I took the plunge... I might check out those Rockstar jeans, I like that they have mid-rise options (I don't like too low rise, sitting below my muffin top...)

  2. Nice pants! I've been wearing a few lately too- it seems to be a short-term fall thing while my tights are still in storage!

    I tried on some similar Madewell pants but they weren't quite right. Perhaps I should check out Gap again. They 'updated' the main store downtown and it's an awful and claustrophic bumping-into things environment!


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