September 2014 in pictures

Dogs! Cats! Ice cream! Quilts!

Home sick, under one of Will’s mom’s handmade quilts // gluten free is the new black? // Marge for MAC // new e-reader, 1982 by Jian Ghomeshi // No! Pee // I needed this gelato // on my desk at work // lululemon socks sweat love // Labrador puppy waiting for a treat

raspberry lemonade popsicle // starting to see fall colours // my neighbour, Moby the Great Dane, looking pretty intimidating (but he’s really a giant puppy) // early morning Toronto // more reading, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell // Purdy’s salty caramel truffle ice cream with chocolate sauce and roasted almonds // my homemade dinner // pink sunset sky // Max the neighbourhood cat


  1. Lovely photos. I didn't know Purdy's has salty caramel truffle ice cream. When I was little, my mom used to buy me their chocolate dipped ice cream bars as a treat. Yum.

    Are you liking Eleanor and Park? I was disappointed by the ending, but I liked the characters. It's still a novelty for me to come across Korean characters in novels and movies.

    1. I agree with you about Eleanor and Park, I was disappointed by the ending, but I liked it overall. It does seem to be a novelty to have any Asian characters in novels. I remember reading a book where one of the characters was half-Filipino, and I found that really unusual.

  2. I love this post! Okay, Marge should have had a makeup shot gun, right?! I want that salted caramel ice cream right now. You are making me want to get up and go eat ice cream out of my freezer. The only reason I have not gained twenty pounds this month is because I go to bed hungry. And those pictures look so good. It doesn't count if I just lick my iPad right?

    How are you liking Eleanor and Park? I loved it. I want to hear your take about the ending.

    I hope October is treating you good thus far.


    1. I really enjoyed Eleanor and Park. Like Liana, I was also a little disappointed by the ending but I understood it.

      I'm sorry for making you want to go eat ice cream, and you're really going to hate me because I'm going to do a post just about chocolate this week...


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