October 2014 in pictures

This whole blogging thing, I’ve gotten pretty terrible at it over the past few months. I’m way behind on posting about my October trip, so I’m not going to get to that until next month, and I’m way behind on reading and commenting on all the blogs on my reader. My weekend will be dedicated to catching up. It’s a good thing I only do this for fun, and I don’t try to make any money off of it, because I wouldn’t be doing very well.

Most of the pictures on my Instagram this month were from New York City and Boston, but I want to do them justice by putting them up in their own posts. Lots of puppy pictures coming! (And food. And sometimes puppy with food.)

Will's "I feel so guilty I'm leaving you to go on a long vacation even though you said it was ok" flowers // golden puppy // travelling! // trip reading // sour cherry sorbet // Korean treats Will brought home // inflatable Ursula // inflatable cat the size of a house (the head moves back and forth and it also glows in the dark) // poutine

It’s Halloween tonight and in true Canadian fashion, it’s cold and raining with a chance of snow later. Costumes are always dictated by room for a snowsuit underneath. I’ve been indulging in a bit of Halloween candy (who knew frozen Twix were so good?), and hope all the kiddies out there come home with a good haul, have fun, and stay safe.

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  1. I love Will's guilt flowers. They are beautiful and sweet. I cannot believe Halloween is over! We had beautiful weather and I only had four trick or treaters. : (. So sad. And I am just now feeling incredibly guilty because I just realized I forgot to take the kids down my own street and I think of my elderly neighbors waiting for my kids. Which probably isn't true at all. But the guilt! Will's flowers have rubbed off on me. ;m). I cannot wait to read about your trip! I am so behind, too! I hope to catch up tomorrow!



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