(from the episode Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, season 3)

You’d think you’d be able to get pretty good chocolate in Boston (L.A. Burdick isn’t bad, for one), but my sister always requests that I bring chocolate from two local Toronto chocolatemakers when I go visit.

I’m happy to do it, even if I turn into Homer in the Land of Chocolate while I’m shopping for the goodies.

At Stubbe Chocolates, I picked up truffles, salted caramels, chocolate-covered Australian ginger, and an assortment of bars.

My sister and her husband ration themselves and make their stash last. If it were up to me, this would probably be gone in a week. It’s amazing that I had these for a few days in my house without tearing into them and ending up in a chocolate orgy.

I also go to Soma chocolatemaker in the Distillery District.

When I’m there, I’m like a kid in some kind of store. Of course I have to get something for myself. I love the English toffee with almonds, the dried cherries tumbled in dark chocolate, and their latest truffle of the month, calamansi and white chocolate in a dark chocolate shell (omg so good).

Blurry because I was shaking with impatience to get at them.

I have so many goodies to bring to Boston that I had to put everything in a box, and it was heavy!

It’s appropriate for what will be a food-centric weekend. As it should be, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving so I have to be gluttonous regardless of where I am.

Hope everyone has a good one and more food photos to come when I get back!


  1. Oh, you take some good photos of chocolate my dear! Very inspired! I can only handle it in small amounts (more of a salty chip girl/addict) but I would definitely love to sample some of these!

    Have a great trip to Boston! I'm going to be in the flaming-tree'd countryside for Thanksgiving dinner, with far too many pies and a whole lotta turkey and mashed potatoes (plus some canoeing)

  2. So, that is one of my favourite Simpsons episodes ever.

    Those chocolate photos are amazing. I'm on the fence about going to a conference in Toronto in May but the chocolate (and a friend moving back to Toronto a few months just before) may have clinched the deal for me.

  3. Oh yum! I would have eaten all of those bars. That chocolate looks so good. I just had a tuna pie feast. I ate almost the whole thing. Tuna pie is my kryptonite. But now I want chocolate too. Oh dear!



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