Puppy post

My nephew dog, 4-month-old Quimby the mini labradoodle:

I have so many photos of him from my trip to Boston and NYC that I felt he deserved his own post.

Mini labradoodles are a bit small for my liking (I like big dogs), but he’s pretty damn cute. (Also the fact he doesn’t shed helps, that’s pretty awesome.)

He’s a really good car passenger. And he looks like he has a bad perm. (The two facts are unrelated.)

He loves my sister and brother-in-law, and eventually he loved me too (he’s a little slow to warm up).

He’s a little shy around other dogs, but he met this Westie at Brooklyn Flea and played nice with him.

This little boxer puppy was so excited to meet Quimby, he bopped him on the head.


We selfied in Madison Park, but he was upset that his humans left him with me to go for brunch.

We made up for it with some Big Gay Ice Cream (I couldn’t finish my Salty Pimp).

As sweet as he is, he is sometimes a brat. He doesn’t like to walk when he’s not in a group, so he just lies down on the sidewalk.


But he’s so cute, we’ll forgive him.


  1. Thank you for this post! It made my day! He is adorable! I love the sidewalk pictures. That is too funny. He is the cutest dog I have ever seen. Oh my goodness! I won't show these pictures to Ollie or Murphy. They'll be jealous of him and the ice cream. Mykids are going to love these pictures though!


    1. I'm glad I made your day! The sidewalk pictures are funny, but more frustrating when you're the one standing there trying to get him to move. :) Quimby is a spoiled puppy so he gets ice cream and other delicious foods, so best not to let your dogs see.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a sweet puppy! And he doesn't shed? That's amazing! I have horrible allergies, so shedding is something I have to worry about. I also have to point out the adorable brindle pit bull because...you know...it's a Jazzy dog. Just like my sweet puppy. Thanks for the adorable puppy love this afternoon!

    <3 Liz

  3. oh puppies...When I was in NY in September I went to Prospect Park early in the morning for the big off-leash dog extravaganza that they allow between 8 and 9 am- it was beautiful to see so many doggies enjoying themselves in the grass. Closer to home, I like to watch cats sleeping (as evidenced by my instagram feed) but watching dogs play with each other is the best. I guess this guy might argue that ice cream made his day ...


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