April 2014 in pictures

Another month done! April was a busy month at work, but with a long weekend in Chicago in there. which was much needed, much enjoyed, and much appreciated.

I did the April Photo A Day Challenge again, so here’s what I posted.

something purple // in my hand // shapes // good together // not mine // a taste of spring // where I’d rather be // hobby // dark

my fave part of the day // 3 of a kind // on my left // more please! // dirty // I’m reading this // my vice / something I learned // good

money // egg // close // four things // entrance // a pop of colour // remember // enjoy the little things // under my feet

chaotic // contrast // something silly

(A month with 30 days in it works well for my OCD, everything is all lined up.)

Coming up in May: still being busy at work, but maybe finally some warm weather (and less rain please, this poor baby raccoon who was wet and squeaking and trying to stay dry under a tree agrees). My sister and her husband are visiting next weekend, so that means a lot of eating, which means a lot of upcoming food photos. Just for you, Jenni! :)


  1. I love your Instagram posts. It is like seeing your whole month in little bits at once. So fun! How is the caramel and sea salt candy bar? I do not like the regular caramel. Is that one better? Do you know what happened to the baby raccoon? I bet it was so cute.

    Yea for upcoming food pictures! I am happy you get to see your sister and her husband, too. ; ). I could stare at food pictures all day. I like them even better from restaurants. I wonder why?!

    Have fun this weekend!


  2. I wanted to take the baby raccoon home, but I don't think that was a good idea. I was afraid that its mom had been run over and a fox was going to come eat it...but what can you do? :S

    The Lindt bar was good, but I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate so it wasn't my favourite. The toffee bits are good though.

  3. I love your necklaces. I also admire your dedication taking photos everyday.

    Have fun with your sister and her husband next weekend! Looking forward to seeing more food pics!

    1. I have to admit, it was a bit of a stretch sometimes to take a photo every day. I enjoy a challenge though!

  4. The pups and the food are my faves - but that gorge Anthro necklace, wow!

    1. I'm glad I snapped up that Anthro necklace. And it's very versatile! An addition to your jewelry box too?

  5. I love Instagram and definitely use it like a photo diary. I'm sure I'm hogging the feed sometimes, but I'm also doing all of that documentation for myself, not just to share! Such a great mix of pups, delicious treats, fashion, travel, and glimpses into your everyday life. Thanks for sharing!

    <3 Liz


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