I read somewhere today (on a blog or Instagram, can’t remember which one or I’d give proper credit) that the weather in the northeast is very indecisive at this time of year. Is it warm? Is it cold? Is it both? Is it still snowing? (According to the Weather Network this morning, it was.)

Today seemed very decisively cold and windy though, so it was back to a warmer jacket and a hat (I don’t pack these away until May at the latest).

Club Monaco hat // Anthropologie Cream Confection Jacket (Idra, 2010)

It’s still tights weather for me too. (Also, this dress again…I wear it a lot.)

Club Monaco Kelsey Dress // J.Crew gem stack necklace // J.Crew cardigan // Wolford tights // Tory Burch Reva flats

I wore this dress to work today, and I wore it out to dinner in Chicago last Friday night. It’s kinda my go-to dress at the moment.

Speaking of Chicago, I had a great long weekend, recap coming shortly. Sightseeing, shopping, and eating, of course. Until then, here’s an outtake and me just being stupid.



  1. You look SO pretty! I can see why you wear that dress, it looks great on you. I cannot wait for your Chicago pictures. Please tell me there are food pictures! I am obsessed with people's food pictures! : )

    I hope you get your warm weather soon!


    1. Aww, thanks Jenni!
      Yes, there are definitely food pictures. Would I go on a vacation and not take pictures of what I ate? No way!

  2. Yup, the weather here is still pretty indecisive. I went skiing last weekend. It's supposed to snow again this weekend.

    Can't wait for your food pictures!

    1. The problem I'm having here is that it still feels like winter, but my spring allergies are in full force. If I'm going to have allergies, at least make it feel like spring! Hope you're still enjoying the skiing though.

  3. We're recent transplants to the south, and I feel like we exited the north just in time! It has been a hellish winter. Our family and friends update us on all the snow and snow days and crap weather, and we're like, "Yeah, it's 70 and sunny here...don't hate us..." But I will say that your outfit is decisively cute, even if the weather is indecisive! I really love the deep jewel tones in the necklace and how they bring subtle color and sparkle to an otherwise black and gray look. It looks very sophisticated and chic! And that is a great dress. Such a versatile piece!

    <3 Liz

    1. Not your fault you were smart enough to flee somewhere warm. :) Generally I don't mind winter, but this year it was long. And it still doesn't feel over!


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