My eyes are up here

I wore this graphic tee last casual Friday and kept getting weirded out about people staring at my chest. I rarely wear graphic tees, so that’s why I forgot there was actually something on my chest to look at and read. I just thought I was getting more rack attention than usual, until I remembered and it was ok.

Anthropologie Paper Moon Francophile Tee (t.la) // Gap 1969 legging jeans // Gap classic ballet flats in rose bush

I think I misfired with the red flats, they don’t really go with the pink moon, but I made a valiant effort. I’ll likely wear this combo again tomorrow or Friday in Chicago, where I’ll be with Will for a much-needed long weekend away from Toronto. (I’m really looking forward to it, I leave in a few hours.)

But more than likely I’ll end up in my usual weekend attire, yoga pants masquerading as skinny leggings and a long t-shirt:

J.Crew tissue long-sleeve tee // lululemon wunder under pant // Gap classic ballet flats in rose bush

In fact, this might be what I wore all morning when I was working at home, with giant socks instead of ballet flats (it’s cold again out there!). It might be what I’ll wear on the plane, with boots (screw being fashionable while travelling, I have to be comfortable). Maybe if I throw on a statement necklace it’ll be acceptable?

I really struggle with my casual wear. I get dressed up/overdressed for work, but then casual Friday and the weekend rolls around and I go overboard with the comfy clothes. I will try to wear jeans in Chicago. And to step up my casual outfits after that.  It’s my challenge for this year!

The exchange rate for the Canadian dollar isn’t as good as it used to be, and Chicago seems to have fairly high sales tax, so I doubt it will be much of a shopping trip. Instead it will be a sightseeing and eating trip (emphasis on eating). I have reservations for Rick Bayless’s Frontera Grill and the publican (at my sister’s recommendation), plans to visit Rick Bayless’s Xoco, and if I can convince Will to stand in line, a trip to Hot Doug's. I’m sure a food post will follow my return. Until then, hope everyone (who celebrates) has a happy Easter!


  1. That top is just lovely! And have a great time in Chicago... DH and I keep meaning to get out there!

    1. Thanks Laura! I had a great time in Chicago, recap post coming soon. I really recommend a visit there!

  2. You look cute in that top! I never wear graphic tees either. I totally would have thought I was getting some weird chest attention, too.

    Have fun in Chicago! My good friend went there last year and said it was wonderful! I have always wanted to go. I hope it warms up for you. I keep forgetting it is Easter on Sunday! Crap! I have hardly anything ready. And we are not doing eggs until Saturday. When did I become such a procrastinator?!

    Anyway, have fun! I think getting ready for the flight is my favorite part. The anticipation cannot be beat!


    1. Thanks Jenni! Hope Easter went well for you. :) It was a great weekend, but I'm exhausted now and I'm just catching up on everything (including everyone's blogs!).


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