March 2014 in pictures

I say this Every. Single. Month. but damnit where did the time go?

This month saw wild swings in weather (but it looks like the worst is over, even though I’ve said that before), lots of juice, three types of ice cream in one day, lots of cookies, and two books read (at least I’m sticking to that resolution!).

I never wear my hair up // drooling over J.Crew shoes // gorgeous gorgeous dress at Dolce & Gabbana // lunch at Wvrst // my new obsession juice // in the window at Mulberry // J.Crew flats // I love dogs hanging out of car windows // green juice (not as bad as I thought)

salted caramel ice cream // at Chocolateria // Skor and key lime pie gelato // frozen vanilla custard // a reread this month // a new book // at Moo Milk Bar, my new favourite place // pho // elephant in the room at Anthropologie

Now I’m off to end the month with the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, and I may cry, because I do love that show. If I get a little teary, I’ll just watch this to laugh.

(Edited to add: I was in the camp that hated the finale, but I might change my mind on a second viewing.)


  1. Okay. Where to start?! I love it all. Your hair looks so good up. Dare I say? Sexy?! I love the bun.

    I want to find that recipe for salted caramel ice cream. I have been on an ice cream making kick. That elephant at Anthropologie is brilliant! Love! What did you think of John Green's book? It was too sad for me. I have never heard of "A Homemade Life." Is it good?

    Those flats from J. Crew are gorgeous! Did you get them?


    1. Thanks! I'm just not a hair up kind of girl, I actually find it too complicated!

      I love salted caramel ice cream, this one is brilliant because it's vanilla ice cream with a swirl of salted caramel and toffee pieces. I have it with a chocolate-dipped waffle or sugar cone and it's amazing. I can't have ice cream at home...I have no self-control and I'd just eat all of it!

      If you like reading about food, I definitely recommend A Homemade Life. Her blog is Orangette and it's one of the better food blogs out there. I thought The Fault in Our Stars was fine, it definitely made me tear up at the end, but I didn't think it was quite as good as everyone was making it out to be. It was a fine read though.

      And lastly, no, I did not get those J.Crew flats...I still have a decent pair of black flats so it would have been an unnecessary purchase. :)

  2. I adored "A Homemade Life"! Am awaiting the release of her new book, which I think is coming out in a few months!

    1. I saw that and I'm looking forward to it! If I'm ever in Seattle, I would definitely go to Delancey.

  3. Wow. That D&G dress. I have nowhere to wear it to, but I can dream...

    1. Same! Also, I doubt I would fit into it... :(


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