It’s been a fun couple of days

An Anthro event, my first and probably last time at Toronto Fashion Week, and plenty of good food.

It seems that Anthropologie is now doing monthly birthday events. The birthday girl gets the email invite and gets to invite a friend, and at the store there’s 15% off for everyone with cute refreshments and a personal stylist showing off a few outfits. I asked and apparently there will be a birthday event every month, but not necessarily at the same store every month. It was my friend’s birthday this month, so we’ll see which store the event is at in June when my birthday rolls around.

Balloons, candy, cupcakes, pink punch, it’s all good.

I tried on the Tamsin Maxi Dress by Puella. The fit was great, it was very flattering, and the personal stylist was trying her best to get me to buy it, but I wasn’t in love, so it was a pass, even at 15% off.

(For reference, I’m wearing an XS for the length, and it wasn’t too tight for me up top, so I’d say it runs a bit big. My Sorel boots are peeking out from under the hem, I think that really made the look.)

In the end, compliments are great from other people and I know the dress looks good on me, but it’s not enough for me to buy. I have to love it too.

I did get the Paper Moon Francophile Tee because I couldn’t resist. (Turquoise.) But other than that I was pretty meh about most things. (Except this, which was a NO.) I liked some of the jewellery from far away, but up close it just looks and feels really cheap.


After Anthropologie it was on to the Soïa & Kyo show at Toronto Fashion Week, which is decidedly small potatoes. I’ve never been before, and it was certainly an experience. The people there were…interesting. It was very much a place where people wanted to be seen, wanted to be photographed, basically wanted to be the “it” people. I personally found it hilarious, which is probably why I could never be part of this crowd. For one thing, I’d find it exhausting, and secondly, I can’t take myself that seriously. Also, I guess I’m just not that fashionable.

(And I had a cookie in my pocket. That’s not allowed, nobody at these events eats.)

Doing my best duckface impression, while a dude selfies in the background.

This dude was one of the shiny people. People kept coming up to him and shrieking “OMG it’s so nice to meet you!” I had no idea who he was, maybe I was supposed to?

I do love the brand though, I have far too many Soïa & Kyo coats. One of the first things I bought when I moved to Toronto seven years ago was one of their jackets. I wish they still made their coats in Canada though, I guess when a brand gets big, they have to outsource to China.

This was the view from our non-VIP seats. I’m pretty sure that the guy in the front row on the other side is Tommy Smythe, Sarah Richardson’s design sycophant sidekick. (I’m not a fan of her designs.)

So that was Thursday, and if I have any takeaways it’s that I do not belong in the fashion-y world, but that is just fine by me. I’m happy to look at it from afar.


Yesterday was a friend’s birthday so it was dinner at Parts & Labour in Parkdale. You know it’s going to be a hipster restaurant when this is what you see when you walk in:

The food was pretty good though:

This burger won Burger Wars. It was a good burger. Worthy of winning Burger Wars? No idea, I’m no burger expert.

The rest of the photos didn’t turn out very well because of the lighting. I wish I had gotten a decent picture o the sticky fried pigtail, which was required because of Little House in the Big Woods (although theirs was definitely not covered in cilantro and jalapenos and a spicy hoisin sauce). Anyone who grew up with those books knows what I’m talking about.


It’s Saturday morning and I’m exhausted now, but can’t skip Saturday lunch with Will and tomorrow it’s the Home Show, followed by an ice cream challenge. If I succeed, more on that later.


  1. I don't think I'm made out for the fashion world either. I'd like to go to a show sometime just to see what it's like, but I don't ever see myself flying around the world for the different weeks.

    Apparently Calgary now has a fashion week. Maybe I'll have to check it out. (insert joke about cowboy hats here).

    1. I was explaining to a coworker that I enjoy clothes and I enjoy fashion, but not that type of scene, and I definitely don't enjoy fashion enough to be travelling around the world. Although sometimes I think that might be appealing, I really don't think it's for me. But I definitely recommend going to at least one show if you can!

  2. You find "peacocks" at fashion weeks everywhere! Glad you got to go - shows are fun but the people-watching is far better.
    Was not aware of Soia and Kyo before this post - I like their coats! How do you rate them re Mackage?

    1. Soia & Kyo is really similar to Mackage (and they're the same company, the designers are brothers), just at a lower price point and less expensive details (less leather, less fur, etc.). The aesthetic is really similar though. My Soia & Kyo coats really last though, I've had one for 7 years and it's just starting to show its age!

  3. How fun! I hope Anthropologie continues the birthday month events! Did you have a cupcake? Was it good? Yes, I am all about the food (also would have had a cookie in my pocket at that event). The dress is pretty on you. I really liked it. But you have to feel it, too. Good for you for sticking to what you were feeling. I probably would have caved and then not been happy.

    That guy with the selfie is hilarious. Ad is the shiny suit. I love Sarah Richardson's designs. And Tommy! So cool! I would have been a nervous wreck there. I definitely do not belong in the fashion world. I would have freaked! : )

    And eaten all of those cupcakes in my nervousness.


    1. I did have a cupcake, and two glasses of punch. Right before I went to Fashion Week. That's so not allowed. :P Sadly, the cupcake was a little dry. The frosting was nice though, had really good vanilla flavour.

      In the past, I probably would have caved and bought the dress, and then regretted it, and then returned it. I'm getting better at sticking to my guns. It's about what I like!

  4. It does look like a fun couple of days! Food, fashion, and shopping. My favorite things! Nashville's Fashion Week is coming up, and I hope I can drag my husband to a fashion show or a couple of trunk shows. I went to a few for Savannah's fashion week last year, and it was such fun! On top of that, Anthro bday parties?! I haven't heard of this, but oh my gosh, I'm all over it!

    <3 Liz

    1. Ha, if you manage to get your husband to go with you, you are lucky! Or you owe him big time. I know better than to ask mine to go with me, he would HATE it.

      I'm not sure of the Anthro birthday party is a thing all around, it appears to be a thing in Toronto now. I should comment on Roxy's community post and ask what people have heard. I think it's a fun little thing though, gets more people out to the stores.


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