Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I hope Lisa thinks so, because she seems to be my go-to for inspiration, and I seem to be drawn to J.Crew jewellery that I see on her first. She’s going to think that I’m some crazy stalker bitch who’s going to go Single White Female (er, Single Asian Female?) on her. I swear I won’t!

Club Monaco Hayley Ls Tee in Smog // J.Crew Factory Fan Fringe necklace // Club Monaco pencil skirt (old, probably 2008) // Wolford tights // Tory Burch Reva flats

The Fan Fringe necklace is another one I would have passed by, by the time I saw it on Lisa and loved it (how could I not, with the turquoise?), it was gone from J.Crew. I know that Factory putting out less-expensive versions of their own pieces is really annoying if you’ve bought the more expensive version the first time around, but in this case it worked in my favour.

(Is this thing on? My camera remote was acting up today.)

I haven’t seen the original version of this necklace in person, but I assume the Factory one is a little lighter on quality, since it was significantly cheaper (plus I picked it up on a day when it was an extra 40% off). If it isn’t that much different, that would be really, really, really annoying.

Anyway, regarding imitation/being a copycat, isn’t that partly what style blogging is about anyway? It’s about celebrating the things you love, and inspiring others at the same time. I know that I’ve been insanely flattered the (very) few times when other bloggers have referred to my outfits as inspiration or bought pieces because I looked good in them.

But then it’s a fine line, because the danger is falling into a trap of copying exactly what other bloggers are wearing, and that usually ends badly for me because I look nothing like most bloggers and I just get disappointed when I don’t end up looking like them (yes, I know that’s dum). It’s also not very creative either, so I’m learning to become more creative and put my own spin on things. Inspiration, not imitation.


  1. I've been inspired by you and Lisa to incorporate more accessories (like your statement necklace) into my outfits. I think you're exactly right: it's about inspiration, not imitation.

    1. I love to hear that I've inspired you in a small way! I've always loved jewellery but I've stepped it up a notch this year...damnit, J.Crew...

  2. I think Lisa is a cool chick and would be happy to see you are inspired by her. I agree that is what fashion blogging is about. Sharing. Joining together in a common passion. Just like any other blog genre. Food blogs inspire other recipes. I love the community it creates.

    I also LOVE that necklace. The turquoise with the orange. So great! And it looks great on you! I love the silver shoes with it, too!


    1. I've found that in person, it gets a little weird when you see someone wearing the same thing you are. It's like your style isn't unique anymore, and you get mad that someone is "copying" you. It's different online. At least, I hope it is...

  3. sharing. totally. that's what blogging is all about! I like that you get a sense of someone else's sense of style. And I will always think of you when I see a good rich teal! And you rock the necklaces too!

    Besides, it's impossible not to be inspired by Lisa's combinations (and oh, those details shots...I swoon over those!)


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