10 days, 3 countries

But it definitely wasn’t a race, and sadly there wasn’t a million dollars at the end of it.

I’m still on European time (asleep at 7:30 last night, up this morning at 4:30), and I’m back to work today, so it’s a sad day. I’ll relive my trip with many many photos and some rambling thoughts when I’m less jet-lagged, but in the meantime, here are only a few rambling thoughts.

  • I do not like overnight flights.
  • Europe is really expensive (duh).
  • Pierre Hermé macarons are wayyy better than Ladurée and I wish I'd discovered this sooner in my trip. Also, I was able to eat two types of French macarons without even going to Paris. (Ladurée in Burlington Arcade off Picadilly Circus and Pierre Hermé in Selfridge's Food Hall.)
  • The tradition of food halls needs to come to North America.
  • Intimissimi needs to come to North America too.
  • Scandinavian king beds (at least in hotels) have two separate duvets for each person. This is genius.

Some less rambling thoughts:

Gorgeous country with some gorgeous, bleak, amazing landscape. The first country I’ve ever visited where I don’t speak the language (lucky everyone speaks English). However, it’s not the first country I’ve been to where I couldn’t pronounce the road signs. That would be Ireland three years ago. (Dún Laoghaire is pronounced dun-leery. Go figure.)

The pond in the centre of Reykjavík.

One of my favourite cities in the world. More so after this trip.

The London Eye. One hell of a tourist trap, but like it or not it’s part of the London landscape now.

Great city. I really enjoyed my very brief time here. Fantastic weather too; we all got sunburn. Who would have figured?

View of the royal residences from the harbour.

We thought about making it 4 countries with a short trip to Malmö, Sweden the morning before we left, but the logistics ended up being too complicated. Next time.

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