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A little less jet-lagged now, but still in the throes of post-vacation depression. Going back to work was sad. But at least it was a short week.

I cheered myself up with some early fall hot pink.

Gap Essential V-neck T // bubble necklace // Gap maxidress worn as a skirt

I’m talking about my vacation with hyperbole (it was wonderful, spectacular, best time of my life!), as with any depression-tinged nostalgia once something looked forward to is over. Of course, no vacation is perfect. I've almost forgotten that I was so tired after the first overnight flight to Iceland I caught a cold, that the diesel-filled London air gave me a hacking dry cough, that my digestive system isn’t on holiday even if I am and too much lovely Italian pasta in Marylebone gave me terrible stomach cramps, that the unexpectedly strong Danish sun gave me mild sunburn, and that I felt pretty sick by the end because of too much eating out and off-diet indulgences. All I remember is that I had a great ten-day escape from normal life and I loved it.

Okay, I’ll shut about my travels for now until I finally finish going through my photos and actually document it here.

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