Where I shopped in Europe

(Previously: Iceland, London, Copenhagen)

I had no plans for a lot of shopping in Europe. Icelandic sweaters aren't really my thing, almost everything is more expensive in London, and there was nothing specifically Danish I wanted to shop for (except Lego for my 5-year-old nephew).

But there were some things I needed to shop for. I stocked up on Wolford tights for myself, my sister, and a friend (that's one thing that's cheaper in London than in North America). I was also tasked with buying Intimissimi underwear (not available in North America, even online) for my sister, and I ended up stocking up for myself as well. Seriously amazing underwear. (I recommend the seamless thongs and full-bottom seamless panties. I bought 14 pairs for myself and 9 pairs for my sister. I had a suitcase full of tights and underwear on my way home.)

After that, I was free to browse. Of course I wandered up and down Oxford St and Regent St. I also wandered around the posh part of Knightsbridge and window-shopped on Sloane St (on my way to becoming a Sloane Ranger) heading towards the King’s Rd. But I didn't do a lot of going into stores and trying clothes on. I was just happy to walk and look.

I visited Anthropologie on Regent St and King's Rd and took a lot of pictures, but I didn’t buy anything.

Regent St.

King’s Rd.

Liberty of London is my favourite shopping destination in London (after I discovered it three years ago).


The famous Liberty prints, in stuffed dachshunds:

And butterflies

I ended up buying some lovely dark teal leather gloves, and when I wear them I will have to put them on a string around my neck, because I am notorious at losing gloves.

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