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I have a deep, deep, probably overly-idealistic love for all things British. I have to take care not to fall into a trap of trying to become British, because I’m so not, and my attempt at a British accent is, well, daft. Will has noticed I start to take on a British inflection in my manner of speaking after I’ve watched too many episodes of Coupling, so I’m in great, great danger whenever I’m around British people.

But there aren’t many British people in London anyway so I wasn’t in any danger of developing that kind of pretentious affectation for most of the trip.

Wacky Brits.

Part of the Old Bailey.

I love love love London. You just don’t see buildings like this many places in Canada.

We stayed at our friend’s flat in Marylebone, which is a great area. Right off off Baker Street, easy walking distance to Regent Park, Hyde Park, Oxford St and Regent St, and a more generous walking distance to the West End, Kensington, Picadilly, Trafalgar Square, etc (but easy for seasoned walkers like me and Will). Marylebone High Street is charming. I loved exploring that area and I hope our friend doesn't move any time soon so we can come back and stay with him again. I had to sleep on a couch for 5 nights, but beggars can’t be choosers.

My pictures are nowhere near as scenic as my Iceland ones (or as you’ll see, my Denmark ones), but it’s such a vibrant, exciting, city with fantastic architecture. (It’s a shame about the poor quality air.)

At St. Paul's Cathedral.

On the London Millenium Footbridge, with St. Paul’s on the north side, and a view of the Shard.

On the South Shore, near Tower Bridge. The mayor’s office is in the building. I was not in the egg.

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

We were incredibly lucky with the weather. It only rained a little bit one night when we were leaving the pub. Not very typical for London, but we weren’t complaining. It was also warm, but maybe not to the locals, Will and I kept noticing that we were the only ones not wearing jackets.Tough Canadians, right? (It was 20C/70F!)

View of Whitehall from the Jubilee Gardens.

Ah, the London Eye. I decided to go on (by myself, Will declined), and that was likely my only time. It is a crazy tourist trap (I knew that going in), but I ended up in a pod with three screaming toddlers and that kinda spoiled the experience.

Views from the Eye.


The other touristy thing I did was take one of those hop on/hop off tour buses. I didn’t stay on for long.


Westminster Abbey

Fortnum and Mason – I approve of the colour palette!

Queen’s Theatre in the West End.

At Trafalgar Square, a giant blue rooster on the Fourth Plinth.

Canada House!

Fancy townhouses in Knightsbridge.

Royal Albert Hall

I hate intersections in London. These help.


Regent’s Park

There's so much to London that it's impossible to do it all. 5 days wasn't a lot of time. Next time, I would like to wander around Chelsea/Kensington some more. I'd like to explore Notting Hill and Camden. I'd like to move there, actually. If I ever win the lottery (which I probably won't because I don't play), I'd move there in a heartbeat.

On my last day in London, I guess I was starting to look like a local because I was stopped outside of Selfridge's and asked for directions to the Marble Arch. Which I knew. That was my moment of triumph, my moment of hooray, I don't look like a tourist!

I was sad when I left to go on to Copenhagen, but I know I'll be back.

(Next up: Copenhagen…)

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