You look so fine

Classic Garbage, one of my favourite songs ever:

(Also, probably the theme song for Henry Cavill. What exactly is Man of Steel about anyway? He’s too distracting to follow any kind of plot.)

I’d also like to say that I looked so fine today, but that’s too vain/self-centred to actually say out loud, right? Screw that today. I put this on and felt great, so no hemming and hawing and saying “I think I look nice” or waiting for validation in the form of compliments.

Anthropologie Boreal Blear Tee (Weston Wear) // knockoff J. Crew necklace // J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Retro Jade // Miss Sixty heels

To everyone who thinks that putting effort into how you look is frivolous and superficial: it’s not. This outfit made me feel great, happy and confident and energetic in a way I wouldn’t have felt wearing old sweats. It may just be clothes, but they make a difference.

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