So much twee in one place

Last night I went to the Anthropologie summer fashion show at the Don Mills store.  I haven’t been into Anthro very much these past two years, but I got the email invite and thought, hey, why not. Maybe seeing some of the clothes on people will make me want them more. (Nope.)

I didn’t take any pictures because I was sitting in the wrong place for them, and honestly it wasn’t that memorable for me anyway. I thought a lot of the outfits were nothing special (and kinda ugly). The food wasn’t as twee as I expected either (no macarons and no cupcakes, what gives? cake pops aren’t twee enough). But my friend and I stuck around to browse and try some stuff on.

I tried on the Lasercut Fleur-De-Lys Sheath (Beguile by Byron Lars), at a whopping CAD$268, and the Annabel Dress (Girls from Savoy) at a more manageable but still-pricey-for-a-knit-dress CAD$118.


I love love love the skirt of the Fleur-De-Lys Sheath, but I hate hate hate HATE the top. I hate the colour, the shape, the lace, everything. I would love to cut off the top and just wear it as a skirt, but at that price, no.

The Annabel Dress is nice (it was my attempt at the high-low hem), but it’s too long and I don’t love it, so pass.

My friend ended up buying the Shadow Bloom Top. I went home empty-handed, but that’s fine, if I don’t love (and in this case, if I don’t love the whole dress), I don’t buy.

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