July in pictures

I get overwhelmed with too many social media platforms, but it is more than a little bit strange that I’ve never been an avid user of Instagram until now. I take tons of pictures with my iPhone, but most just end up here. All that has changed! (It also probably means more pictures in the future)

July is Darth Maul // Anthro teacups // doggie looks like he’s in jail, but he’s just on the other side of the fence // sad beagle // good doggie // fetch! // see-through Target leggings, while I’m lying on the couch in my condo // Magnum Gold ice cream bars are kinda gross and plasticky tasting // another good doggie

clouds have swallowed the CN tower // I love grapefruit // rubber boots came in handy during the great Toronto downpour of summer 2013 // I take pictures of my feet by accident // is this a dog or a walking mop? // cute greeting card // I heart Canada too // fresh basil // my fancy books

MAC false eyelashes I’ll have to put on myself on Sunday // love // 14-year anniversary flowers from Will // mistakes // Kate Spade heels // display at the Kate Spade store in Yorkville // giant scoop of salted caramel ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone // beef and rice noodles in black bean sauce, my fave // Chinese hotpot rice, also my fave

And some full size pictures of the thunderstorm and aftermath on July 19.

The last one is my favourite.

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