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I pin, and then I forget that I’ve pinned and I rarely go back and look for inspiration. Kayla’s most recent style challenge made me go and look and get inspired, and I’m afraid I went a little nuts.

The first one was quite literal:

J.Crew Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt // knockoff bubble necklace // Gap striped knit skirt // Cole Haan flats

And then after getting the literal out of my system, I could draw inspiration from non-outfit photos. I got called green on green on green by one of those street binder people looking for me to stop and talk to him, but it’s really more teal on turquoise on green, plus the teal iPhone case. It’s a little better without the cardigan (fuzzy pic though).

Anthropologie Height of Summer Dress (Maeve) // J.Crew featherweight cotton cardigan // J.Crew knockoff bubble necklace // Puma flats

This pic makes me want to eat mint chocolate ice cream. But it was also a good opportunity to wear something very light and pastel-y, which I don’t usually do. Ever, actually. I’m always wearing darker jewel tones.

Club Monaco T-shirt // Club Monaco mint statement necklace // Banana Republic pencil skirt // Miss Sixty heels

Freckles in April Style Challenge

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