Past the point of no return

A couple of posts on EA have me thinking about my shopping habits. I have to admit, I make a lot of returns. I make mistakes, I change my mind, I decide that I already have too many of whatever I just bought, I decide it’s too expensive, I realize the piece doesn’t work as well in my closet as I thought, etc. So I certainly appreciate a liberal return policy, and I take advantage of one when it exists.

But sometimes I wonder if I would be better off if I bought things I knew I wouldn’t be able to return. It would result in a lot less impulsive and careless spending (although I cut way back on that last year) if I had to think very carefully before I bought.

Since it’s the new year, here’s another resolution to follow: commit to purchases, and no returns.

Er, starting now.

I ended up returning this Club Monaco striped top and this Anthro necklace. No, I didn’t wear the top out, I took it off after the picture made me realize the stripes were too skinny and making me dizzy to look at. I did wear the necklace for half a day, but I took it off midday because I found it too heavy (literally, it gave me a sore neck). No questions asked on either return, and I feel that it was fine to return the necklace even after I’d worn it because it is still in perfectly sellable condition. But maybe someone wouldn’t want to buy a necklace knowing that someone had worn it for a while. I don’t know. At any rate, I should really remember to put things on hold and think about them for at least a day. When I do that and still go back, I likely won’t return.

(And since I’m reliving my days as a musical theatre junkie thanks to the Les Miserables movie, here’s a sort-of relevant video from that other 80s super-musical, Phantom of the Opera.)

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