I bark at pants.

photo via Dog Shaming

Oh, the troubled, antagonistic relationship I have with pants. I wish we could just be friends! I imagine myself in skinny jeans looking like this or this or this (like they’re “supposed” to), but I have these things called hips, so instead I look like this: WIDE.

J.Crew vintage cotton V-neck tee in heather graphite // knockoff J.Crew bubble necklace // J Brand 901 jean legging // Tory Burch Reva flats

Okay, it’s not as awful as I think it is in my head. I try to look at photos of myself objectively, but really, how objective can I be?

J.Crew vintage V-neck tee in heather graphite // J.Crew long merino cardigan // knockoff J.Crew bubble necklace // AG Stevie jeans in turquoise // Tory Burch Reva flats

I ended up returning these AG Stevie jeans. I love how they look in the product shot (but the model doesn't have my hips, so go figure), but I'm not crazy about them on me. And the colour is more green than the turquoise/teal I wanted. So they're not worth it for the price, sadly.

I keep trying pants, I want to love pants, but pants don't love me back. I’m just not a pants girl. At least skirts still love me.

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