Lately, I’ve been…

…making gluten-free dumplings that look bad but taste pretty good. Still working on making a good filling though.

…trying to get over a bloody cold that has lingered for over a week.

…looking forward to seeing Skyfall (I’m a Daniel Craig fan, that man wears a suit so well...). I should wear my Skyfall Dress to go see it, but I don’t think I will.

…wearing my knockoff J.Crew turquoise bubble necklace too much. I’m thinking of other colours, pink and red and maybe orange.

Anthro Boreal Blear Tee (Weston wear) // Banana Republic camisole (old – 2006, I think) & Anthro cardigan
Banana Republic twist-front top // Club Monaco Faye Striped Top

(Seriously, it goes with everything. I could wear it almost every day, with (almost) everything I own. It makes an old outfit seem new again. But not new enough to warrant a full-size photo.

…catching up on season 2 of New Girl on demand. The latest episode (Menzies, season 2 episode 7, aired Nov 13) made me literally LOL. I still think Jess is the most uninteresting character, but the guys are awesome.

…giggling over this video. Is it wrong that I thought one of the cartoon people cut in half looks like a grapefruit and that made me want a grapefruit?

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