Elementary inspiration

I don’t think that Elementary is very good. I hate to compare it BBC’s Sherlock, but it’s inevitable and unfortunately Elementary falls short. If I can guess the “twist” before it’s revealed, then it’s not much of a twist, because I switch my brain off when I’m watching TV. It’s TV, why should I think? Anyway, I still watch Elementary, because hello, Jonny Lee Miller.

I also found some unexpected fashion inspiration in Lucy Liu as Joan Watson.


Club Monaco T-shirt // Hilary Druxman necklace // Club Monaco silk chiffon skirt (2010) // Wolford Satin Opaque tights // Michael Kors heels

Lucy Liu:

From episode 5, season 1, “Lesser Evils” (first aired November 1, 2012).

I haaate tucking shirts in (just one of my many quirks, it’s uncomfortable and emphasizes my tummy bulge), so I like how her top is left loose over her skirt. I also like how she inspired me to pluck this Club Monaco skirt out of my giveaway pile and give it another go.

Jonny Lee Miller:

I had to throw those in. I mean, he is the reason I watch.

Hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving, even though we all know the real (Canadian) Thanksgiving already happened in October. ;) Now, on to Black Friday!

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