end of May roundup

So it’s now five months into the year, it’s definitely spring now (though it has been spring off and on since March), practically summer, and January and New Year’s Resolutions seems so long ago. Haven’t most of us forgotten about by now?

Certainly my pledge to buy only one item a month has gone out the window. But I was in the U.S. this month, in the land of great consumerism (at least to most Canadians, there’s so much more of everything and it’s so much cheaper than here), that’s my excuse.

Still, it wasn’t so bad, if you don’t count my splurge at Aveda. And some stuff on sale too!

From Anthropologie:

Boreal Blear Tee by Weston Wear (snagged online on sale), Twist & Flounce Tank by Deletta (on sale), Ruched Stripes Tank by Ella Moss (on sale, also to take me out of my blue/turquoise “rut”, although I almost bought the navy version), Sedge & Rush Necklace, Solange Nut Bowl.

From J.Crew:

Featherweight Cotton Cardigan in Ivory (not on sale and maybe a little boring, but a necessary summer staple for me)

I also ordered a few things to my sister’s place (aka my American address) that didn’t work out, Anthro’s Candidasa Dress (still on my quest for a perfect LBD, this one was terrible), and J.Crew’s No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Warm Jade (liked the fit, but I found it a little too heavy and the colour wasn’t exactly what I was looking for). I love easy return policies.

Some things I noticed while shopping in the States:

  • Anthropologie now has mobile checkout using iPhones, for when lineups are too long. Or when the lineup is just me, there’s only one cash open, and the woman in front of me takes 15 minutes to buy a dress, after complaining under her breath and rolling her eyes when the woman in front of her of took 5 minutes to buy a top.
  • All Anthropologies smell the same, and I do not enjoy the scent (I am very sensitive to scents though).
  • I don’t enjoy shopping at J.Crew stores. Well, at least the ones I’ve been in lately, and the latest at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA. I find them messy and unappealing, and I’m not inspired to buy anything.
  • Mall cops on segways look so stupid. But in fun useless facts, Paul Blart: Mall Cop was filmed at Burlington Mall, where I saw my first real-life mall cop.

I would like to say that I’m going to take a break in June, but it’s my birthday month and I got my Anthro birthday discount in the mail last week. So probably not, but we’ll see.

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