Being bold, plus weird feet

I love jewellery, but I’ve always shied away from really big, bold pieces. The necklaces I own are generally more delicate, and generally sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones rather than costume. But I saw Anthro’s Sedge & Rush Necklace when I was in Boston over the long weekend and decided to go for it.

Anthro Daily Gathering Dress | Anthro Sedge & Rush Necklace | Puma Rudolf Dassler ballet flats

I like this necklace because it’s in my colour palette, it’s fun, it’s summery, and most importantly it’s not too heavy. I’ve tried statement necklaces that have hurt my neck after half an hour. And it makes a simple dress, along with different shoes, into a new outfit.

But I have no idea what was up with my feet when I was taking these pics.

Better feet, stupid pose.

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