Thursday snark

This NY Times article from last month, about outgrowing your favourite brands, is seriously annoying. What a first-world problem to whine about having to move on from your favourite stores, hard for me not to snark at. I’m sorry if I don’t feel any sympathy for Anne Slowey’s inability to wear designer clothes now that she’s had a baby. Hold on a sec while I pull out the world’s tiniest violin.

Also, I’m a little offended by the implication that women who shop at Anthropologie dress like girls and not women, that we’re all “slightly awkward ingénue[s] trying really hard to be cool.” I don’t think that’s me at all, and I don’t think that’s most women who shop at Anthro either.

I don’t expect to shop at the same stores forever, I’m getting older (inevitably) and things change. One day I’ll probably decide I’m too old to wear my elephant dress or my octopus dress. Or, more likely, I’ll decide the love affair is over or it just doesn’t fit in with closet/style/lifestyle anymore. Like what’s happening with this skirt.

Antropologie Drape & Twist Tee | ayala bar necklace | Anthro Aniseed Skirt | Wolford Satin Opaque Tights | Tory Burch Reva flats

I still like it, but I never wear it, and bubble butt isn’t the most flattering look for anyone. I don’t think of it to wear outside of work, but it’s not that work-appropriate either; the last time I wore it to work, I had a few people gush over it, but most of the time I felt ridiculous and self-conscious. And I find it incredibly short. Not sure how that’s possible when I’m only five-foot-two. Anyway, I may hang onto this skirt for a while out of sheer stubbornness (I’m looking at these pics and thinking huh, it’s not that bad after all), but it might be making an appearance on Roxy’s Trade Market sometime in the future.

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