This is the face of consumerism

Anthro Rare Blooms Tee (Deletta) | American Apparel skirt | Michael Kors shoes

Over the long Victoria Day weekend (we raised a glass to Queen Vicky for providing us a day off) in Boston, I relaxed in my sister’s house, read a book about sweets in Paris, walked around Harvard Square, ate too much salted caramel, drank non-alcoholic mojitos, got some weird tan lines (glasses, cap-sleeve, capri pant, and ballet flats, as you can kinda tell from the photo above), got Hugh Laurie’s “Song for America” stuck in my head, and shopped. A lot. 

Well, maybe not a lot, but it felt like a lot. It was a lot at once, anyway. Everything is cheaper in the U.S. – cheaper prices, cheaper taxes, or no tax on clothes/shoes under $180 in Massachusetts. Will bought shoes, while I stocked up on hair products from Aveda, my staple MAC products (Face & Body foundation), and long-sleeve t-shirts from J.Crew.  And a few things from Anthropologie, but those will feature in future blog posts, I hope.

The plus side to taking a 5-day weekend is the short work week. The downside is the short work week, because I’ve been so busy catching up, going full-tilt, then collapsing on the couch and not having time to catch up at home. My condo is a mess and I already wish it were the weekend. My next vacation (Vancouver Island for a week in August) can’t come soon enough.

flowers in Boston Common

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