Yesterday bare legs, today scarf and gloves.

I love tights. Maybe not as much as Zooey Deschanel, I don’t need to do cartwheels whenever I want, but I love them. I can’t live without my Wolfords. But there does come a point in the year when I get tired of them, and I’m getting close to it now.

Anthro Tartlet Burst Top (Deletta) | J.Crew Jenna’s Cardigan | Anthro Liquid Acres Skirt (Maeve) | Wolford Satin Opaque Tights in Admiral | Tory Burch Reva flats

As much as I like spring and early summer (before it gets too hot), I also hate spring and early summer because of my seasonal allergies. I’ve been sneezing all over the place and I have an itchy spot at the top of my palate that I can’t scratch; I’d need to stick a fork along the roof of my mouth to get at it. Will has an itchy spot in between his ears he can’t reach, so he’d like to stick a chopstick into his ear. We’re a great pair.

In the meantime, grin and bear it, I suppose?

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