I want, I want, I want

I've suddenly been inflicted with the desire for a bright red shoe. I think it was because I somehow found these online:

Tory Burch Eddie in Scarlet Red Patent

Seriously, I don't know how I got to this page. I wasn't looking for a red shoe, the thought of a bright red shoe hadn't crossed my mind, and then I see this and suddenly I want, I want, I WANT with a capital W.

I'm loving the combination of teal/aqua/turquoise and red these days, like this, so maybe that's why. I have a ton of teal/aqua/turquoise in my closet and no red (and hardly any coloured shoes—the tragedy!), so a red shoe would fit in really nicely. It would also work well with this Anthro top:

Braxton Top

I tried on the brown version and hated it, but the blue polka-dot version surprisingly worked, despite the flowy shape. I tend to prefer shapes that are more fitted, but every once in a while I like to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone.

I want a lot of things, but I struggle a lot with wanting things. I see something, I want it, and usually I want it NOW. Patience is not one of my virtues, and I think I've said it before but I would definitely fail the Marshmallow Test. Delayed gratification? What the heck is that? I usually get what I want, but not in the ugly sense (no lying, cheating, stealing, or backstabbing), it’s just that I usually buy myself whatever I want.  The struggled comes with the fact I don’t need most of the things I buy, and I always think, I have so much, it's not right that I want so much more. I have these goals of living simply and not being consumed by so many material things.and obviously that hasn't worked out so far.

I’m a work in progress. And I’m human, so I have to remember not to beat myself up so much.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. It’s cold and dreary here and my allergies are still terrible (I really, really, really want the inside of my head to stop itching), but I’ve been enjoying my time inside reading and catching up on TV on my PVR. I had about 5 episodes of Ringer to watch, and even though it was a bit hit and miss, I’m sad that it probably won’t return in the fall. Sarah Michelle Gellar was pretty awesome, and I really want her hair and her makeup.

The wants, they never end…

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