one week down, three to go

The first week was hard. 

I already knew that I’m an emotional shopper, but that knowledge was reinforced this week.  Bored? Bad day? Let’s go buy something to make me feel better.  But damnit, I’m going to accomplish this goal and prove to myself that not all my promises are like pie crust. 

At first I just replaced one bad habit with another.  When I wanted to go shopping, I ate junk food.  I tried to eat “better” junk food (my current weakness is Green & Black’s organic white chocolate), but sugar is sugar and I’m dairy intolerant, so it’s not a good choice.


Tastes good though…

When I wasn’t eating junk food, I was reading articles on shopping less and 365 Fashion Rehab for inspiration.  I read about The Great American Apparel Diet and the women from all over the world who are participating.  But while Alison and Perdy haven’t cheated, some of the Great American Apparel Dieters have.  I could do a year’s worth of “dieting” if I knew I could cheat every now and then.

So the first week was hard, this week’s not nearly as hard.  Is this one particular shopaholic being reformed?

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