Got to stop spinning in circles

Food photos from the weekend coming up shortly, but first up Friday’s outfit, still in the Banana Republic Marimekko collection theme.

Jacob tank (so old, probably 2006) // J.Crew Symmetrical Stone necklace // Banana Republic Marimekko Kivet print skirt // Gap classic ballet flats in rose bush

I’m not a huge fan of polka dots, but these are really more giant black circles. I’ll admit that I snatched it up because it was the last one left in store and happened to be in my size, fully intending to decide later and return if necessary. It’s not going anywhere, it’s perfect. Except that I can’t figure out how to unstitch the pockets (the way they’re stitched up is weird), so I have to take it to an experienced sewer (Will’s mom) to get her to tell me how to do it.

I can’t get away from black and white, but I like a pop of colour with it.


  1. That skirt is fab on you - I hope you've had a great b-day!

  2. That's my vending machine rule- always get the last one. I never regret it!
    Love the giant circles- this looks like a great easy summer look. Forever 29 indeed!

    1. Hahaha, I'll remember that the next time I'm at a vendng machine. I definitely don't regret this!

  3. Nice skirt! I like the pink pop of colour your shoes add too.

  4. So cute! I hope you got your pizza! That skirt is awesome! I love it. It truly is perfect and I am so glad you decided to keep it. Honestly, if I had seen it in a store, I would say that is a "Rachel skirt". It is fun and pretty! Love the pop of color, too.


  5. So cute! I love that you have multiple "pops" in this outfit: the dot print, the blush flats, and the glitzy statement necklace. Everything coordinates so well but still feels really eclectic and fresh!

    <3 Liz


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