'twas the morning after the night before Christmas

Oh wait, that makes it Christmas morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

My brother-in-law is leaving this morning to visit his sister in BC, so we had a big Christmas dinner last night. Roast prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, Brussels sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes, and a pavlova for dessert. My tummy hates me this morning, but I'll recover in a few hours to have our second big meal, roast duck. After that, fasting. (Just kidding. It's still the holidays!)

Yorkshire puddings from Will's mom's 50-year-old recipe


Prime rib, medium rare, the way it should be. 


Pavlova with whipped cream, passion fruit curd, and pomegranate seeds. I ate a quarter of that last night. I regret nothing. 


Will and I flew out of Toronto to Boston yesterday morning and we were fortunate that it was smooth and painless. It was a rough few days for Toronto with the ice storm, but Will and I and most of the people we know have been very very very lucky. The power stayed on for us all weekend, and we flew out after the storm was over so there were no problems. I feel for everyone who still doesn't have power on Christmas morning, especially the kids. I kinda feel like I should be back in Toronto helping out people. I am feeling very very thankful for what I have though.

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