Giant scarves

I went to Ottawa this past weekend to hang out with my family and it was cold, with almost a foot of snow on the ground. Pretty, and cold. So, so cold.

At my parents’ place outside of Ottawa.

Like Kendi, I’m a big fan of the oversized scarf this fall, for aesthetic reasons. They just haven’t been very practical in warmer Toronto, my neck overheats and feels like it’s on fire. (The Scarf Games: Catching Fire). I’ve been grateful for it a few mornings here, but not as much I was standing outside watching a Santa Claus Parade with my 5-year-old nephew.


I’ve been mostly wearing it unlooped, and I hope it looks more like a scarf/shawl than a gigantic grey knit necklace.

(Rosy cheeks from the cold, not an insane amount of blush.)

Infinity scarves have been around for a while but I’m just getting into them, typical for me. But they’re actually perfect because they’re so easy for someone as useless at tying a scarf as I am. So I turned my beloved teal Club Monaco scarf into an infinity scarf (with the use of double-sided tape) and no one will be any the wiser.

Did I mention it was cold in Ottawa? Here’s more proof.

Abby the Basset hound in the snow.

snowy Basset!

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