Red–I feel my soul on fire

The obvious title for this post is “Lady in Red,” but instead I went for revolutionary students and British/French musicals.

Blues are generally my colour palette of choice, I gravitate towards the cooler end of the colour spectrum. Sometimes I wear a bit of pink, sometimes I wear orange, but I never wear red. I’m not opposed to red, I just don’t wear it.

Antho Elementary Jersey Dress (Girls From Savoy) // J.Crew knockoff necklace from Etsy // Wolford Satin Opaque tights in anthracite // Tory Burch Reva flats

I was going to buy it in blue, but I have many blue dresses already so out of the comfort zone and into the red. (Also great sale price with the recent 20% off Black Friday promo, managed to get the promo price on the black one too. Definitely not worth the original $118, but $32? That’s Old Navy pricing. Score.)

It feels different to wear red. Saucy even.

with bubble necklace // J.Crew Jenna’s Cardigan

I love turquoise and red, but the bubble necklace seems to be competing too much so I swapped it out with the Stella & Dot Marchesa necklace.

So I’ve worn it twice so far, and I can’t believe the number of people (dudes included) coming up to me and saying “OMG, you never wear red!” I think I would have caused more of a stir if I’d walked in naked. (I won’t. It’s cold out.)

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