Black–the night that ends at last

I’m been in a deep blue, very un-Christmassy-like funk for most of December. Black is appropriate

Anthro Cream Confection Jacket (Idra – 2010) // Club Monaco striped top // Club Monaco Janis tuque (that’s beanie to all non-Canadians) // Gap legging jeans in indigo (I’m wearing jeans!) // Geox boots (2009) // Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Hillier Hobo (2012)

I faked it with my bright pink tuque, but I’ve been pretty bummed. Not sure why. Probably just tired and worn out. I’ll be fine with a little time off over Christmas.

Hot chocolate helps.

Soma chocolate Spicy Mayan – not too sweet, and very spicy

Overindulging on chocolate helps too.

Pineapple and black pepper bar, tumbled australian ginger and wild cherries

(I’m calling December my Fatty Fat Fat Fat month, I’m pretty much eating whatever I want and it’s awesome, but I will have to shut it down come January.)

Big dogs help too.

Big 9-month-old dum puppies named Sven who already weighs 120 pounds. (He gave me a big doggie hug.)

Also dogs and bundled up small children.

And surprisingly, the snow helps too. It make me feel more in the Christmas spirit.

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